Cream Chargers Camden

A whipped cream charger is an essential for every kitchen, whether it’s used for commercial catering businesses in a restaurant or café, or simply for domestic cooking in your own home. The stainless steel canisters filled with nitrous oxide (NOS) under high pressure produce the finest quality whipped cream when attached the matching dispenser. The size and fit of the N2O canisters comply with industry standard and therefore fit with the dispensers used in the majority of restaurants, cafés and bars. Some dispensers require the power of two cream chargers simultaneously, which is why they are delivered in multipacks to offer the best value for money and to savetime and hassle with multiple orders. Once a canister is emptied it cannot be filled again but the stainless steel design means that it is conveniently 100% recyclable.

The areas covered by Cream Chargers Camden are the following boroughs under the NW postal code; Cricklewood, Kentish Town, Euston, Hampstead, Belsize Park, Brondesbury, Hendon, Willesden, Kensal, Golders Green and Brent Cross. Over recent years, Camden, and its surrounding boroughs, has grown to become one of London’s most fashionable and trendy neighbourhoods, attracting a huge number of local and distant visitors. At the centre of it all is Camden Market, a decadent feast for the senses and a prime location to sample exotic and rare street food, listen to up-and-coming musicians and sip on experimental cocktails at the nearby bars and pubs. Dining out is famously easy on the pocket as restaurants are cheap and the food is mouth-wateringly good. It’s easy to spend hours browsing the countless food stalls in the market; the choice is overwhelming and covers everything from Caribbean Jerk chicken to deep-fried Oreos. There are also a huge number of renowned sit-down restaurants such as Haché, serving a fusion of French and American favourites and Daphne, an authentic Greek eatery with intimate atmosphere.

Serving Suggestion – Limoncello Trifle

A British summer classic with a modern, citrusy twist that’s bound to go down a treat with dinner guests!


Lemon curd

8 slices of lemon and orange sweet bread

Small glass of limoncello liquor

4 meringues

300ml custard

300ml whipped cream

Handful of flaked almonds

Candied lemon zest


  1. Line a glass serving bowl with the sweet bread, slightly overlapping them
  2. Pour over the limoncello and allow it to soak into the bread. Spread on the lemon curd
  3. Break up the meringue and scatter over the top
  4. Generously spoon on the custard
  5. Place the whipped cream on top, followed by a sprinkling of almonds and candied lemon zest
  6. Chill until ready to serve. Enjoy!