Cream Chargers Dublin

For all your culinary needs, whether in a commercial hospitality or catering business or at home in the privacy of your own kitchen, there is cream charger delivery in Dublin, for your convenience. The cream chargers, or nitrous oxide canisters as they are otherwise called, contain the highest quality NOS, which when released into a dispenser, produces the lightest and fluffiest whipped cream. This whipped cream can be used in a multitude of recipes, both savoury and sweet; everything from millefeuille to meringue! So whether it’s for a café, restaurant, bar, coffee shop or your own kitchen, it’s the perfect opportunity to be inspired and get creative with your dishes! The N2O canisters that are sold online are usually the industry standard 8gm size and fit onto the regular dispensers used by most cafés and restaurants. Some dispensers require the power of two cream chargers, which is why there is the option to buy multipacks, which offer the best value for money.

About Dublin

Dublin is renowned worldwide for its spectacular food and drink, and the city’s cosmopolitan and vibrant atmosphere is directly reflected in the restaurants, cafés and pubs. The city is the proud home to many local delicacies and specialties that are often hard to find once outside the area, such as the seafood caught in Dublin Bay – prawns, mussels and fresh salmon – traditional Irish boxty and coddle. Seafood is a particular favourite, as Dublin Bay offers a wide range of delicious fresh fish that can be served up the very same day it was caught. Another firm favourite with the locals are of course the pubs. An integral part of the city’s culture and history, Dublin’s 1000’s of pubs are the place to be for a hearty meal, a taste of some locally brewed beer and enjoy great company beside a fire. Some pubs have combined a restaurant or café as part of the establishment, such as The Church, while some remain the traditional lively drinking holes. Each one has a story to tell and usually several claims of famous literates, artists, poets and politicians passing through at some point in time. Irish coffee is a highly popular mixed cocktail which combines coffee, whiskey and cream for a scrumptious, warming treat.

Serving Suggestion – Irish Coffee Mug

This recipe is for one Irish coffee and should be served in a traditional Irish coffee mug for the full authentic experience!


40ml Irish whiskey

80ml hot coffee

30ml whipped cream

1tsp brown sugar 


1.       Heat the whiskey, coffee and sugar until just before boiling

2.       Pour in the glass and top with the whipped cream

3.       Serve hot and enjoy!