Cream Chargers London

For all your catering needs in the restaurant, café, bar or coffee shop, or for private use in the home, websites offer swift and reliable delivery of quality cream chargers throughout London. These cream chargers can be used for a variety of procedures, but predominantly they are kept for powering dispensers to whip cream, both for commercial and personal use. Outside of the kitchen, the N20 can also be a source of power for use in model rocket motors. The stainless steel canisters are filled with the highest grade nitrous oxide (NOS), which is safely and securely stored under pressure, before it is released when attached to a dispenser. The standard NOS canister is 8gm, which fits onto the majority of dispensers and is the size and fitting chosen by most establishments. With these top-quality whip cream chargers you’ll be able to experiment and spice up the recipes you serve, from trifle to tiramisu! Websites understand the catering industry relies on tight schedules and deadlines, which is why they provide a service which runs across London.

About London

London is world-famous for being such an international and cosmopolitan city, which brings with it a diverse and colourful mix of cuisines, from all over the globe. It’s possible to find almost everything in the capital, from German bakeries to North American soul food. Londoners and visitors to the city alike enjoy the opportunity to explore and experiment with new flavours, dishes and tastes, and feel that there’s no better place to do it than in this exciting city. Not only is there great variety in the type of food, there is also a wide range of eateries catering to different budgets, atmospheres and occasions; so you can choose to pick up a quick, cheap lunch from a street market such as Borough Food Market or stay for a tasting menu at a Michelin star restaurant with spectacular skyline views, such as Galvin at Windows – the choice is all yours. How you spend your night after dinner is also completely up to you, as London offers an assortment of after-hour destinations, from world-renowned superclubs to intimate speakeasies.  Thrill-seekers travel from all over the world to experience first-hand the legendary cool attitude displayed by the country’s capital, especially when it’s time to let their hair down and hit the dancefloor.

Serving Suggestion: Trifle

Quintessentially English, the Trifle has been an integral part to every cookbook in the country since around 1600. The ever popular dessert uses a combination of sponge, fruit, jelly, custard and whipped cream, placed in distinct layers and served chilled. It is very simple to put together and does not require much preparation time, only the time it takes for the jelly to set in the refrigerator.



150g trifle sponges

3tbsp sherry


1 pint liquid jelly

500ml custard

300g fresh berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries etc.)


500ml whipped cream

Handful flaked almonds


1.    Lay the trifle sponges across the bottom of a glass bowl

2.    Drizzle over the sherry and leave to soak for 5 minutes

3.    Pour on the jelly and place in the refrigerator until set

4.    Spoon over the custard in a thick a layer

5.    Cut the fresh berries and sprinkle all over

6.    Layer on the whipped cream

7.    Scatter on the handful of almonds as decoration

8.    Serve and enjoy!