Cream Chargers Newcastle

To accommodate all your catering needs, whether in a café, restaurant, coffee shop or bar, or even if you are a keen chef in your own home, there are high quality nitrous oxide chargers that fit the industry standard dispensers to whip cream. The most-commonly used dispensers fit with 8gm NOS chargers, and some require the power of two chargers, which is why they are often sold in multipacks, offering the best value for money. Whipped cream is a delightful addition to countless recipes and dishes served in restaurants and cafés, from hot chocolate to homemade apple pie, as well as an integral ingredient to many deserts and sweet treats. The best part – it’s so straightforward and quick to make; the canisters containing N2O under high pressure, when attached to a dispenser filled with whipping cream, disperses the gas to create light and fluffy whipped cream.

About Newcastle

Newcastle is a real haven for food lovers, with a huge choice of restaurants, bistros, gastropubs, cafés, and delis serving cuisines from all over the globe. There are distinct neighbourhoods and corners across the city that offer different atmospheres and genres of food so residents and visitors can pick and choose to whatever tickles their taste buds and suits their budget. One of the most popular among these is the contemporary Quayside complex that’s packed full of trendy restaurants offering authentic and fusion Asian cuisine. Many of the establishments enjoy stunning views of the city’s skyline and close proximity to a number of bars and nightclubs. In the city centre there are regular openings of chic, new eateries; everything from entertainment establishments such as Casino, to traditional pubs serving local delicacies and regional favourites. The stylish city is known as well for its variety in dining destinations as for its vibrant nightlife. All of the sophisticated cocktail bars, wine cellars, pubs and nightclubs possess a typically Northern openness and friendliness that makes visitors feel warmly welcomed. Clubs such as Digital, Liquid and Envy, Linekers and Blu Bambu guarantee the chance to let your hair down and dance the night away.


A firm favourite in cookbooks throughout Newcastle, Newcastle Pudding, is a steamed sort of bread and butter pudding that’s simple to make and tastes divine with a drizzle of lemon sauce and a helping of whipped cream! 


450ml milk

1 lemon, zested

3 eggs, beaten

50g sugar

6 slices white bread (or brioche), crusts removed and heavily buttered

50g caster sugar

100ml water

1 lemon

2 eggs

27g butter

300ml whipped cream


1.       Warm the milk in a pan and add the lemon zest. Cover and leave for 1 hour

2.       Beat the sugar and eggs together and whisk in with the milk

3.       Line buttered, deep pudding basin with the bread, buttered side down. Pour the milk mixture through a strainer over the bread. Leave for 1 hour to soak

4.       Cover with buttered greaseproof paper and kitchen foil and tie down. Place the basin in a saucepan of boiling water and steam for 40-45 minutes

5.       For the sauce, boil the water, sugar, lemon zest and juice together in a saucepan until reduced and thickened slightly. Pour into a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water and whisk in the eggs and butter. Bring back to the boil and whisk continuously until the sauce thickens

Pour over the pudding and serve immediately with  dollop of whipped cream